gifted program


Gifted Education Programs provide qualitatively different programs designed to meet the needs of gifted students K-12. A gifted student is defined by State Board Education rule 6A-6.03019 as one who has superior intellectual

development and is capable of high performance. Eligibility under State Board Rule includes a documented need for the program, a majority of gifted characteristics, and an intelligence quotient in the superior range. Additional eligibility criteria are available for limited English proficient students and students from low socio-economic families. Curriculum components  include: enrichment, acceleration, alignment with the common Core Standards, Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, Pacing Guides, Gifted Program Goals and Objectives, and Gifted Program standards. The gifted education program is available in all schools in the District through content, full time and/or consultation services.

gifted placement process

Current Miami Shores Elementary School parents wishing to have their child tested for the gifted program should first contact the child’s homeroom teacher to discuss possible placement and teacher recommendation. 

Once this process is done, the teacher or the parent must send an email to the assistant principal requesting gifted placement testing. The parent will be contacted once the assistant principal is ready to open the case. The entire gifted process takes 90 school days. Our assistant principal is Mr. Diaz and her email address is

non-mdcps students

 All parents of students wishing to have their child tested for the gifted program that are not current students of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, must be a resident of Miami Shores and Miami Shores Elementary School must be the home school. Parents must submit a valid picture ID with the home address. Once home school status is determined, the parent will submit a utility bill, drivers’ license, the child’s original birth certificate, and the last report card. Once the documents are ready, please contact the assistant principal for an appointment to begin the gifted process. The entire gifted process takes 90 school days. Our assistant principal is Mr. Diaz and his email address is